Photo: Rob Harris

Photo: Rob Harris

Zoom, 2019.

Installation, with found images from NASA Image and Video Library and Google map. 

Installation view of London Summer Intensive: Open Studio at Slade School of Fine Art. Courtesy Camden Arts Centre and Slade School of Fine Art. Photo: Rob Harris (as marked)

When I look at the imagery of outer space from NASA digital archive, I wonder if I could find anything else, maybe the people who has became stars from the digital imagery taken by the most advanced technology . I zoom in to the digital found imagery until I reached the limitation of the maximum resolution of the digital file.


Unfortunately I only found pixels, light and colours… the actual reality that composed these digital images.

What am I looking at when I look at these imagery? I realised that I was only looking at my own imaginative world.


These imageries of outer space are the collective consciousness of the unknown universes .

The result of capturing the failure of the process in order to search for the reality behind these images became the concept of the work; which recorded my experiment, my failure, and the hidden emotions remained from the specific found imagery.


I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Honoured to be the recipient of the Arts Abroad Residencies Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. 

© 2019 Jessica Fu

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