Light-year, is the unreachable unit used to describe the distance for space travel. I have inspired by a recent discovered earth-like, terrestrial planet system where existed 39.13 light-years away from our earth.

光年,一個只存在於想像中遙遠時空的計算單位。靈感來自美國太空總署曾公佈在距離地球39.13光年外有一個 類 地 行 星 ( terrestrial planet )的星系。

Moonlight: 50%

Distance to the moon, 385,968,53 km.

展示物件是一系列 類 似 風 景 攝影般的作品 。影像是在水中混合各種顏料所創造而成的。在黑房裡,我利用水、透明濾鏡、光影聚焦儀器等工具輔助而刻畫出來。

Exhibiting of a series of the landscape- like abstract imagery. They were created on the surface of water with ink. 

Distance to the moon, 374,955,48 km.

Moonlight: 68%

Flight duration (Voyager) : 685,000 years


 It also challenged the traditional photographic technique as imagined. I indented to set up an ambiguous situation through the surrealist work here.

TRAPPIST-1f ( 2MASS J23062928-0502285 f )

TRAPPIST-1e ( 2MASS J23062928-0502285 e )

TRAPPIST-1d ( 2MASS J23062928-0502285 d )

Distance to the moon, 402,221,14 km.

這些風景攝影的作品彷彿作為平 行 世 界的比喻。

This series of landscape-like photography as if a metaphor to the parallel world. 


但我們一旦選擇了相信眼前的 假 設,這將會是一次遼闊又迷幻的旅程。

Once we connect the mysterious lighting and visual element with our consciousness here, it will become a journey that brought us travel far away in our Imaginative world.

The series showed as part of the exhibition "39 Light-years Table Lamp" at H506, PMQ from October 25 to November 15, 2018, as part of the Satellite Exhibitions of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival.

© 2020 Jessica Fu

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