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1 Sv

霓虹燈 ネオン














把 「每日所能承受的輻射」 的算式作為概念隱晦地滲透和彌漫在空間中。在黑暗中近乎靜止地閃燐著的霓虹光也許能在無法理解的瞬間給予安撫人心的能力。

1 SV is a neon Light Installation, about seeing the invisible light wave of neon light through video recording with camera/mobile devices. 


The neon sign of the scientific formula, “the bearable radiation of everyday for human body” was based on the motivation by the fear and unknownness through my personal experience related to Japan nuclear disaster since 2011. The more I found in the research progress, the more I am interested in the unique sense of beauty in those complicated scientific formulas. Most of the time, even if we have been told by the authority about there is no immediate dangerous, we can never able to heal the unknown fear nor free our unsecured mind easily by trusting those theories completely. The invisible light wave of neon light cannot be seen thought our naked eyes but the video recording. The unique lighting performance created by the chemical reaction under the fragile glass tube, which has become a metaphor not only to the fluidity quality of radiation but also our hidden emotions. 


Special Thanks : Statement was translated by Kaoru Ueda from original to Japanese 

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