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39 Light-years Ceiling Lamp, 2019

2-channels Installation, 5:00 (loop). 

Studio at Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, Cordoba, Spain


Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía is a new built contemporary architecture located in a historical city in Spain. This spacious contemporary art centre where located at the edge of the historical city has gave me a surrealist imagination as a visitor. The choices of the consistence materials of concrete and steel with the minimalist design has created a huge contrast with the city itself. Thus, I tried to de-construct the interior space with the immersive artificial light and shadow and create a multi-layer realities about time and space at the artist studio. It is an inner world created by the sketches with digital light projection on the surface of the interior structure of the building. 


The conceptual approach is based on the cosmological ideas about distance and time in the outer space. I imagine what would we see about the unique landscape in different planets. Depending on its own unique system, gravity, distance to its sun and the matter on the surface, It will show us various of rhythm and vibe about the time and space. The movement of the artificial light and shadow is a metaphor of the looping sunrise and sunset continuously in this imaginative space. 


What if we can view the sunrise and sunset for about 243 times here. 


On other hand, It could be the metaphor to human collective consciousness in relationship to mechanical system and artificial light based on the philosophical theory about ontology and reality. I found this poetic experience allows us to understand how we prescience of the passage of time under the natural law within our subconscious. 


Even if we will never able to reach out to the origin source of the light, we are leading by something more mysterious to continuous to be in this ephemeral yet endlessness world. 



在概念上,39光年天花燈 的靈感來自一個關於時間和距離的天文概念。在銀河系不同的星體上,視乎其星系的架構、在不同的位置能看到不一樣的景色、感受到不一樣的時間流動。這份作品中的視覺律動和節奏就像不斷重覆浮沉的夕陽...我們可以在這裡看到日出日落243次。在日常生活中,即使沒法看到光的源頭我們也能透過潛意識的引導,感知到自然界規律的時間流動。



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