Bathtub, 2016. 


Credit :Koganecho Bazaar 2016/ Photo by Ryusuke Oono


虛蕪的投影裝置創造了無盡的想像空間。"逆行" 代表了停頓 後退 回憶 思考 靜止期 等;而緩慢轉動的投影影像正是和現實最大的對比。兩個投影裝置代表了截然不同的時間和空間。


"If here is a bathtub, would it be better if here also has a window …”


Bathtub was designed to a public art space where was an abandoned restaurant originally, being as a part of the art and community project in Koganecho, Yokohama. The formlessness digital light projection created the unlimited imaginative space reflected the inner world in this historical location. Following the on-going concept of the community renewal project, this installation allowed us to understand its historical context from another angle. This dreamy yet completely silence world created by light and shadow allowed us to escape the outside world regardless of time and space. While the motion of retrograde represented pausing, moving backward and memory, this work provided a unique moment to the local community through the immersive media installation in the public space.

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