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A Greenhouse for the February Moon, 2017. 

Installation (Public Art)

Located at Koganecho area, Yokohama, Japan

二月溫室 是一件位於黃金町的公共裝置作品。


作品內的光和室外的自然光形成對比並一直改變。 由日出時份時呈現最柔和的淡紫色漸漸變成日落後最強烈的深藍色 。因此,繪印著想像月景的半透明膠片和懸掛在旁的小圓燈泡也更清晰可見。以四週環境光源和其獨有的歷史背景作為創作靈感時,不難發現入夜後的黃金町比白天更有生氣。


在駐村期間發現的其中一個詩意的意境是,在寂靜的二月,不論日夜都能在京急電車高架橋和沿線的房子之間的縫隙中尋找到月的身影。因此想要建造一個溫室把這個瞬間存放得更長久一點 。


「溫室」 ,既可一方面能作為隱喻去思考正在持續進行中的藝術社區重建計劃,又或僅僅只是提供當地居民一個與光偶遇的片刻。



此作品由黃金町藝術中心支持及贊助 。

A Green house for the February moon is a public artwork at the Hinodecho studio, Koganecho area, Kanagawa, Japan.


The light inside the showcase has been changed slowly through out the day from the softest purple to strongest blue based on the effect of the sunrise and sunset. When the surrounding environment gets darker, more light will show accordingly. Therefore, the translucent film of an imaginative landscape of moon and the tiny hanging light blub will also be more visible. The concept was inspired by the surrounding lighting scene and based on the unique history of Koganecho, the area was always more alive for night time then the day time.


One of the poetic moments I found during my stay at the residency was, the moon is always visible though out the day and night time in February from the narrow gap between the railways and buildings. I would like to build a green house to keep this beautiful moment alive for a little bit longer.


The metaphor of “greenhouse” could be read as the current situation of the on-going art and community project at the Koganecho area, or simply just a come cross moment with light for the local people who passed by the work everyday.


This work is funded and supported by the Koganecho Art Management Center window display project.

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