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Tunnel, 2011.





兩段動畫中,前者,隧 道 是我對死亡那一瞬間的猜想而創作出來的。我們需要經過一段很長卻又很短暫的隧道,終點有強光,我們無法自由活動,甚至感受不到所謂的實感和存在。就是這樣隨波逐流,直到看到一些己經無法分辨的人臉,死亡只是把一切忘掉這樣的一個程序。 後者,塵 埃 是我對死亡過後的一種解釋。這兩份作品的出發點也是由死者的第一人身出發。


塵 埃 裡面是以一種安詳的描寫手法,去表達人一旦忘掉所有,就會變得輕了,心情也安詳起來的感受。很多無法辨稱的人臉無慾無求地一應飄向同一個方向,消失在世界的終端。然後碰到水滴,經過人群和最後的大自然,最後到底一個什麼都沒有的黑暗環境。


因為沒有回憶,所以也沒有痛楚,永恆地安息了。 這兩份動畫作品也代表了極端的我對死亡的想法,但可能其實所謂的兩極也只是一個階段性的穿越。


“Tunnel”,a video installation about the transition of human soul from alive to death. And the question, where are we going after life, was the first idea for this video installation. While “Tunnel” is a work about the thought of my grandmother’s death, it became one of the very important memory in my life. I imagine the world afterlife from a first person perspective in both animations.  The process could be unwilling, not comfortable and heavy, like the process of going  through a dark tunnel . On other hand, “Dust” is about a quiet and weightless transformation of one’s spiritual , they are all going to the same direction freely after life. Eventually, all of them disappeared in the end of darkness. 

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