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狹縫 Slit


Audiovisual work at Dome 

Screening at Future Vision Lab 2022, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)


Concept and Visual by Jessica Fu 

Music and Sound Design by Utingling



創作 《狹縫》 這份作品是始於2020年的夏天。那時候因各種外在因素的限制,我再一次回到一種向內探索的狀態。那時候看了很多關於宗教、東西方哲學和量子理論的書和紀錄片。重新研究起小時候聽說過的佛教宇宙觀、萬物成住壞空的定律。嘗試由另一個角度去觀看萬物變化和人類業力的迴轉。這些解釋世界的神話故事和理論,一直都是隱藏於人類潛意識中的方向儀。這次的創作結合了各種科學實驗的論証,以及對人類未來的各種想像。


Slit is an immersive work about the relationship between inner space and collective consciousness of human being. When we are viewing this immersive light and shadow from the micro perspective, we might find that we are gazing on the flying dust in the physical space, light and shadow itself, digital particle or even just the reflection of the projecting pixels. It could also simply be the visionary images of theory of quantum physics. At the same time, it is also a selflessness moment entering to the emptiness.


What is reality? The reality is being at the moment through our observation.


The viewing as meditation experience has transformed with the non-narrative imaginative landscape created by the abstract moving images at the dome theatre. It has been inspired by The visual rhythm is like the tangible melody of a musical performance which connected with the deepest emotion within our subconscious. The abstract images also reminded us of the inner body of an huge unknown creature, or even the lost journey with in a nightmare.


I have been working on the series of moving image work called Slit since the summer of 2020. I researched about Buddhist cosmology, mythology and quantum physics while producing the moving image and digital images work. It has become the inner journey for me to seek for something from my inner world. I have started to research deeply on the topics related to Buddhist cosmology which  I have heard about when I was young. I tried to understand the ever changing world and the Karama of human condition from another perspective. These myths and theories are always hidden within our subconsciousness, were leading us to a specific direction as human being. My creation is based on the ideas of research on the scientific experiments, its connections to the mysterious imagination of the unknown future of our world. 

Documentation Videography by Yung En Huang

Documentation post-production and Editing by Jessica Fu



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