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Invisible Whisper, 2017

Site-specific Installation

Located at 霊山たけやま for Nakanojo Biennale 2017, Guma, Japan

Sound Mixing by Joey Chu

囁 囁. 2017.




人造的自然環境音和抽像的重底音,與遙遠至外太空音頻混合不斷延伸在大自然中, 這些看似平常的流水鳥鳴和柔風細語能帶領我們到達一個怎樣的星體?







囁 囁 是一份透過隱藏在日本群馬縣中之條親都神社外空地各個角落的音聲裝置。作品作為引導工具去連接感官與特定自然環境關係的裝置。


中之條的自然環境有著豐富的層次和強大的存在感 。由親都神社的歷史和民間傳說中,人們透過宗教的能量去想像不可思議的現像,



我們一旦嘗試利用其他感官在回憶和經驗中分析兩者的虛實, 會領悟到自己所置身在一個有著豐富的層次感、瞬間即逝且無法捕捉的當下 。


Who will be reminded within our memory when we heard the conversation from the underground?


Artificial ambiances sound and abstract deep bass were mixed with the sound from the outer space that kept expanding in the surrounding nature continuously. How far can our imagination traveled through this vibrant sound of nature? What kind of planet can we reached out in this journey of sensation?


What about the sound of vague office scene from the empty space in between two big tress; and what kind of world did that telephone call connected to?


If we pay enough attention to those ants’ caves and their tracks, then here is the stage of an allegory story.



This is a site-specific installation with hidden speakers installed in different places in the open space of nature, which acted as a leading tool to connect our senses to the nature environment.


In Nakanojo, we can see the different layers of nature and its powerful sense of existence in this area. Based on the unique historical context and local myth of Chikato Shrine, which has created the deep connection of local people and this public space. Local people would find the explanation of mysterious phenomenon and understanding the ephemerality of life and death though the power of religion. As this result, this historical existence of the shrine has made it as a significant place in the town of Nakanojo.


The artificial sound has act as a leading tool to create the unique way of seeing for this installation.  Audience usually could not immediate defined the sound from nature nor the artificial sound from the hidden speakers. Therefore, they would open up more senses to analysis the differences between reality and artificial elements. We will discover our own existence were actually being under the multilayer of present, which is also ephemeral and ever-changing through the observation process. In the end, audience will connect themselves with the mysterious nature through their different senses in this adventure.


The multilayers of sound could be the whispering of elf around you, or the collective memory of Nakanojo, even as a bridge that connects nature and our deep consciousness. Let us immerse ourselves in the observation of the micro to macro world, and reversely.


Wishing the audience can feel the ever-existed fading moment through the invisible existence here.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

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