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粼 粼




數碼影像文化是一個複雜的迷思系統,直接反映著當代社會的人類狀態。如果每一張數碼影 像都擁有其靈魂,那每當我們重覆下載、轉載和分享數碼影像的時候,就像在將其影像的精神性延 伸及重塑。這樣的日常必然會在網絡上的公共空間泛起無可避免、猶如波光粼粼的漣漪效應 (ripple effect ) 。這一系列影像作品利用數碼轉換技術來重構影像的轉化過程,將其回憶、情感和內在世界,經過反覆的創作實驗,探討數碼影像的本質以及其作為回憶載體的可能性。重構影像 的過程成為一趟內在的療癒與重生之旅。


The existence of the complex system of digital imaging culture reflected the current human condition in the contemporary society. We can see the phenomenon of the spiritually for digital images based on the most updated myths in the digital culture. The action of downloading, reposting and sharing each image, creating the ripple effect affecting every individuals in the public space invisibly on the internet. This is a series of digital image created with the digital technology by reconstructing personal memories, emotions and inner world. By questioning the possibility of how digital images act as the vehicle for memories and its reality through a series of artistic experiments. Wishing the images will act a therapeutic experience and recreating new life for the existing digital images both personally and collectively.

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