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Resetting School Section No.12

Audiovisual Projection Mapping Installation, 2024. 

Site-Specific Installation at Historic Zion Schoolhouse, North York, ON, Canada. 


          Resetting School Section No.12 is an exhibition featuring audiovisual projection mapping at the historic Zion Schoolhouse. This immersive installation is a dynamic stage, drawing inspiration from extensive historical research and the collective memories associated with the schoolhouse and beyond.


         In the centre of the exhibition lies a captivating moving image installation titled "Escape" which intricately weaves together elements from the museum's archival collection, historical narratives, and investigations into the education system. This work is a reflection on the theme of traumatic childhood memories and narratives that have unfolded based on the research of the historic Zion Schoolhouse.


I ask, how our childhood education experiences have influenced our beliefs, values, and identities. Whose nightmare does it belong to? Is there something we are perpetually attempting to escape throughout our lives?


         The digital landscape loops projected onto the blackboard of the schoolhouse prompt us to question the authority of the education system. The glitch effect serves as a symbol of errors, damage, and loss, both physical and mental, abstracting the unspoken and forgotten traumatic experiences that linger in our subconscious. Through a critical response to on-site historical research, I utilize light and shadow to delineate the unseen structure of the site, creating an “ephemeral tattoo” that I projected on this historical building. This process of seeking the spirituality of the site has enabled me to uncover the ongoing lived experiences of individuals and their imaginative connections to the multi-contextual realities of the historical site.

          《重啟第 12 號校區》是在歷史校舍中的音聲影像裝置展覽。這個沉浸劇場空間,從歷史研究和與校舍相關的集體記憶中汲取靈感。在展覽的中心位置,是一件名為《逃夢》的的映像裝置。我將博物館的檔案收藏、歷史敘述和對教育系統的研究等元素錯綜複雜地編織在一起。由歷史校舍研究而展開,並對童年創傷和集體記憶和敘事等進行反思。




         投影到校舍黑板上的數碼影像不斷循環,讓我們質疑教育系統的權威。故障和錯誤的效果象徵著身體和精神上的傷害、損壞和迷失,抽象化地表現出在我們潛意識中揮之不去、被遺忘的創傷經歷。透過對歷史研究的批判性回應,我利用光和影 “瞬逝的刺青” 來展現場所中看不見的結構。這個尋求靈性的過程使我能夠以人性的經驗來重新理解歷史遺址的多語境脈給和對現實的想像。

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