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Experiment, 2015.




透過觀察自身這四年的心理和身理變化,回憶曾身處於二零一一年的東日本大地震和一直到現今仍然存在的核災問題。從個人的經驗和回憶出發,透過 Overhead Projector直接將隱藏在畫裡的潛意識投射到空無一物的空間中。光影如水般透明的夢境,卻滲透著創作者其隱晦抽像的危險意識。因光影無形的特性 ,讓畫中虛蕪的質感直接穿透肉身。在浸沉式的空間中,瞬間即逝的光與影隱喻我們對觸摸不到的物質所存在的無奈和不安 。 這是一個反映深層潛意識中的恐懼和自身精神和情感狀態觀察的內在空間。

“Experiment” is an alternative space that mirrors the inner world.

The overhead projection reflects my subconscious from the marks on the surface of the ink paintings into the empty space. This dreamy yet dangerous atmosphere was created by the vague texture of light and shadow of the ever-changing ink painting on transplant film. The illusive touch of light penetrated through the audiences’ physical body when they walk through the installation. The untouchable ephemeral marks mirror the fear deep inside our consciousness in this immersive installation. This work was inspired by my personal experience of the nuclear radiation disaster in Japan in 2011; I observe my personal experience both mentally and physically during the making process. I hope this work can uncover the fear and repression under the collective consciousness in the human being. Unfolding the layers of human consciousness is a way to understand the complicated human history through art making.

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