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22.288750103387716, 114.19297186220577, Infographic art, 2022. 


The projection installation is a fictional narrative of the historical building. It is a collective effort by a group of artists who researched site-specific stories about the Oi! area.

1)  Ocean – This is a metaphor for the departure of the ocean, reflecting the land reclamation right outside the building.

2)  Rabbit – This is based on research from the book “The First Artist Village in Hong Kong: Oil Street and Cattle Depot”, written by Lotus Chan. On the last day years ago, the artists stayed in their studios on Oil Street and watched the firework together from the rooftop of the old building before they moved out at the end of a short rental period.

3)  Lemon – Imagine if the farming area at Oi! was actually built by aliens, who had come from another planet to collect data on earthlings.

4)  Wind bards – This is based on conversations with local residents. Some of them remember an animal on top of the wind bards of the building (the current venue). However, we could find nothing about it in the archival materials. We wonder why so many older residents remember this.

5)  The Battle of My Neighbour Trees – This is an observation of the interaction between a newly grown tree and a 70-year-old tree at Oi!

6)  Fish – This is one of the darkest collective memories we found on the internet and in newspapers. Rumour has it that locals were afraid to walk too close by the sea because of the stories about dead bodies, ghost and someone even said those fish might attack people.

7)  Gate – The grey, “H” shaped gate seems mysterious. No one seems to know what exactly it is and why it remains here.

8)  Power Station – This was inspired by the collective memory of a black-out event in the North Point Power Station in 1977.

9)  Time – This is the conclusion of the story. It is about our observations of time, emotions and the on-going changes in the cityscape from the perspective of the historical building.

10) Stay or Leave – The spaceship (narrator) is asked whether it will stay on or leave the Earth. The open ending allows the audience to continue the story using their imagination.

Data Collecting (Universe)


Data Collecting (Universe) is a research-based art project starting with found objects in the Oil Street Art Space (Oi!). A series of sci-fi symbols that resemble these objects have been created to respond to the historical context of the site. The fluidity of the exhibition experience, the collective written sci-fi allegory, the re-construction of symbols, and internet-based work pose questions about the reality of the historical site, ensuring its collective memory through the power of art. 


The installation work located at the Oi! Warehouse is a time-based experimental space. The fictional map is an infographic work about the fictional narrative of the urban planning of the Oi!. Inspired by the 70-year-old trees on site, Date Collecting (Tree) connects personal, inner, meditative moments for the audience to experience their inner self and emotions. The collective written allegory is about observations of the moment in between change and the unchanged. We can see artificial shadows travel through translucent sculptural objects and hear the sound of invisible vibration floating freely around the visible structure of the interior space. Finally, the internet-based work 11152182852000 is a flight recorder of a spaceship, as well as an archival platform in-between the reality and fictional elements based on this research project. 


The process of mediative personal observation of the site and research about the historical events and collective memories related to the site has been an awakening journey for both the inner self and the collective imagination through the new discoveries of the site. 




Collaboration Team for Oi! On-site Project (Exhibition)

Concept and Artwork: Jessica Fu

Creative Writer: Tsui Tsz Ching, Catherine

Digital Designer: Ryan Ho 

Infographic Designer: Heiwa Wong

Sound Artist: Elaine Wong

Videographer: Chan Pui shan

3D Modelling Artist: Harrison Wong 

Image credit to Oi! 

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