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Memory Capsule, 2014.

Site-specific Installation


遺忘,就是緣份盡了;有些人走了、 像水乾了、 像光漸遠 、像倒影化掉了。

在創作 Memory Capsule 的時候 腦中一片空白。而今,再創作 緣盡 本以為是Memory Capsule 的另一形態… 卻是一種延續 一種經歷時間洗禮才能領悟的情感。


思念,肉身在消失、記憶在消失,只是很慢很慢、很慢,慢到我們不以為然。消失是一瞬間的事情,但終能讓我們察覺到緣盡 ,卻是以 一輩子,來做單位。

被潛意識或業力牽引的我們 ,有種恐懼有種悲痛 是永遠的 。


A work about forgotten. Following the concept of Memory Capsule I created in 2009. It is the observation of my own memory after all these years.

Memory Capsule, 2009. 


Memory capsule is an installation with water, about the theme of memory and forgotten.


People who are dead could continue their life in other’s mind through collective memories between two of them. While water could reborn in different forms, I tried to use the transformative quality as a metaphor to human soul.  Our memory could be translucent, innocent and weightless.

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